“Our nation is stronger when we protect the rights of individuals to speak their minds, associate with whomever they please and criticize their government and others in power.”

— First Look Media Founder, Pierre Omidyar

Boundary-defying innovation. Fierce independence. A deep passion for exploration and excellence defines First Look Media. We are a unique enterprise with one purpose and two missions.

Our for-profit houses Topic Studios, an award-winning entertainment studio that operates across film, television, and podcasts and brings to the screen some of the most culturally significant and provocative stories of our time. We also launched our new Topic branded streaming service, with premier, original, and hand-selected programming from around the globe available on Roku, Apple TV, iOS, Amazon Fire and Android with more coming soon.

Our non-profit is home to The Intercept, renowned for its dedication to fearless, adversarial journalism; Field of Vision, the critically acclaimed, filmmaker-driven documentary unit; and The Press Freedom Defense Fund, supporting journalists, news organizations and whistleblowers standing up for press freedoms and access to information that is in the public interest. Our work here breaks stories through fearless, investigative journalism, produces documentary cinema that explores the world through fresh new perspectives, and supports those who are unjustly threatened in pursuit of a free and open society and press.

Launched in 2013 by eBay founder and philanthropist Pierre Omidyar, First Look Media was founded on the fundamental belief that freedom of expression and of the press, and the power of storytelling, are vital to both a vibrant culture and a thriving democracy.

Our Work


  • Michael Bloom

  • Shani Boone

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Jeannie Kedas

    EVP & Chief Communications Officer
  • Ian Stratford

    Chief Legal Officer & Head of Business Affairs
  • Betsy Reed

    Editor-In-Chief, The Intercept
  • Jen Robertson

    SVP, Marketing
  • Maria Zuckerman

    President, Topic Studios
  • Barbara Schiola

    SVP, Head of HR
  • Ryan Chanatry

    GM, Topic Consumer
  • Charlotte Cook

    Co-Creator & Executive Producer, Field of Vision
  • Beth Nathanson

    Chief Philanthropy Officer


First Look Media Works (FLMW) is a not-for-profit organization established by eBay founder and philanthropist Pierre Omidyar in 2013. FLMW includes the investigative journalism of The Intercept; the Documentary film unit Field of Vision; and the Press Freedom Defense Fund, which provides legal support for journalists, news organizations, and whistleblowers who are targeted by powerful figures. FLMW’s Form 990 Informational Returns and its Annual Reports (beginning 2018) are provided here. FLMW’s audited financial statements are available on request.

2020 FLI Annual Report
2019 FLMW Annual Report
2018 FLMW Annual Report
2018 FLMW Annual Report - printable