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First Look Media’s Topic & Left/Right Partner to Produce “She’s the Ticket”

To be released this November on TOPIC.COM

One year after the election of President Trump

As we approach the one-year anniversary of President Trump’s election, Topic and the award-winning production company Left/Right come together to produce a new documentary series, “She’s the Ticket,” capturing the personal stories and life on the campaign trail of five pioneering female candidates. Jolted by the shocking victory of Donald Trump last November, these women are putting everything on the line as they run for office…and most of them are entirely new to politics.

  • WHY In the immediate aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, the women’s political group EMILY’s List were astonished and deluged when they noticed more and more women were asking for information about how to run for office. Between 2015 and 2016, 920 women came to Emily’s List to inquire about being a first-time candidate. In the months since then, that ripple grew to a groundswell with more than 16,000 women having reached out as of July to see how they can run. What we’re seeing is a movement.
  • WHAT “She’s the Ticket” will include six 10-minute behind-the-scenes episodes about five different candidates, each with their own personal story about why they chose to run for office. Three of the prospective candidates will have elections this fall, while the remaining two are preparing for 2018 races. After watching the first woman to run for president lose in an unprecedented way, these five women are all taking the plunge into politics in a big way - but can they win?
  • WHO Produced by Left/Right (The Circus) in partnership with First Look Media’s Topic. Executive Producers for Left/Right are Ken Druckerman, Banks Tarver, Mary Robertson, and Anneka Jones. Candidates to be announced.
  • WHEN The six-part series will be released this November on First Look Media’s new digital storytelling platform

Topic is the ambitious new storytelling brand and entertainment studio from First Look Media dedicated to supporting creators at the forefront of culture. From Academy Award®-winning films (Spotlight) to television, audio and digital, we explore a wide range of subject matter, both fiction and nonfiction. Our approach – challenging, compelling and unconventional – reflects our commitment to discovering and amplifying independent new voices, and supporting established ones.

Over the past decade, LEFT/RIGHT has produced hundreds of hours of television in an extraordinarily eclectic mix of genres ranging from hard-hitting documentaries to side-splitting comedies, covering topics from sex to secret societies to stand-up comedy to science fiction to school segregation. Our shows have been nominated for over a dozen Emmy Awards and have won multiple awards, including the Emmy for Best Nonfiction Series. Left/Right is part of the Red Arrow Entertainment Group, an international production and distribution company.